☘ St Patrick’s Day ☘

Here we are, another St Patrick’s Day in lockdown…

Will it be a 3-day celebration next year to make up for the two we’ve missed?

Meanwhile, Ardagh Music Room students have been working away over the year, taking exams, learning new pieces and progressing hugely. We’ve tried to make the most of the time, working away at extra practice sessions.

We had our virtual Christmas Concert, which reached a large audience of extended family and friends – students played their favourite Christmas pieces and some tunes from over the year.

When I decided to do a St Patrick’s Concert I gave out pieces from O’Carolan’s Tunes for Piano, by Richard Voss & Laurence Traiger. Whilst the pieces look simple the rhythms are tricky and take concentration and work – a lot to ask when students are already working towards exams and other challenges. However, everyone that could gave it a good go. Those who aren’t at that level submitted pieces they’re playing at the moment so we have a nice little mixed up collection of pieces at varying stages of preparation.

I must say a special THANK YOU and bualadh bos to all the dedicated parents for their support at home – home-schooling is a challenge – home-schooling the piano is even more of a challenge! Well done to you!!

Well done everyone and thank you for your submissions!

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