🎭 Inclusive Stage School 🎭

A short course completed on making a Music & Drama school more accessible to Neurodivergent pupils. The focus was on support any school to be a more inclusive place, that this school is a safe haven, a place where they can be themselves and meet similar peers as we know that ND people are drawn to theatre, being very creative and expressive.

Learning outcomes

  • Developing an inclusive school ethos
  • Nurturing the sensitivities of Neurodivergent pupils
  • Adapting communication for ND pupils

Delivered by founder of AUsome Training and Konfident Kidz Evaleen Whelton. Evaleen made the wonderful discovery that she is Autistic almost 8 years ago at the age of 37. We know that “wonderful discovery” is not a familiar way to describe finding out you’re Autistic but it is illustrative of Evaleen’s outlook and passion! She taught Speech and Drama for 20 years after studying in Cork School of Music since a young age. Evaleen is passionate about theatre and the huge benefits that the arts bring to our children and young people.

Evaleen was joined by Orla Barry, a past pupil of Evaleen’s and has worked with Konfident kidz since 2016. Orla is an experienced  speech and drama teacher but has most recently taken on a role teaching Autistic pupils only by delivering our Konnect Program online to kids and teens all over the world. Orla is also hugely enthusiastic about the arts and the use of drama in education and other settings.

This course was very beneficial in reafirming considerations I’d already had and highlighting other factors I should also be recognising to ensure a safe place for all participants.

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