🎶Theory Lessons🎶

Ardagh Music Room is delighted to welcome Mihaela Adzec to the team with the introduction of online Group Theory Lessons.

Mihaela has a Masters in Music Education from The Academy of Arts & Culture, Croatia.  I have worked with Mihaela in Longford School of Rock where she worked with the vocalists and keyboards. She is great fun and really knows her stuff!

Online Lessons will initially run for half an hour but this may increase depending on numbers. Emphasis will be put on rhythm activities, music analysis, working through the RIAM Music Workout books reinforcing the knowledge learnt in practical music classes and making the connection with the theoretical aspects.

  • Monday – 3:45-4:15 (Prep-Grade 2)
  • Tuesday – 5-5:30 (All Grades)
  • Friday – 3:15-3:45 (Grade3-5) 

Numbers will be limited and the lesson will cost €30 per 4 week block and Ardagh Music Room students will get the reduced rate of €20 per 4 week block. Because this is a new class we will be very receptive to feedback and appreciate any input in relation to times, subjects and methods.

Why do Theory?

Theory is important to maintain, particularly if you are aiming to reach the higher grades.  Some exam boards do not let you go further than Grade 5 practical without having Grade 5 theory – RIAM is not one of those boards, however Grade 5 theory is required to progress on from Grade 8.  In the UK having Grade 5 theory and Grade 5 practical are recognised as being the equivalent to an ‘O’ Level or JC level and Grade 8 theory and practical are the equivalent of an A level.  Whilst the same isn’t the case in Ireland, I think this past pandemic year highlights the potential worth of alternative accreditations.  Music qualifications should always be included on CVs and applications as their achievement demonstrates commitment and discipline.

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