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Pitch & Pulse Choirs

**Due to Covid-19 all School of Rock activities are on hold**

Working through Longford School of Rock and in collaboration with Jemma Jude Cowan of TuLoA music the Pitch & Pulse Choirs are for 5 year olds up. With a year end concert to focus on, Pitch & Pulse play music and singing games and activities we explore the shape of music, rhythm and pulse and discovering what sounds and music we can create always aiming towards our final concert performance – with a special Christmas Show mid-way through the School of Rock year.

How Pitch & Pulse prepares for Music Lessons:

  • Pitch & Pulse activities develop the ability to keep a steady beat.  Steady beat is fundamental to music and absolutely essential for playing an instrument.
  • Pitch & Pulse activities reinforce music patterning.  Learning to recognize patterns in music is vital to playing an instrument with musicality and with understanding.
  • Pitch & Pulse activities introduce musical notation.  Without an understanding of music symbols, there can be no music reading.
  • Pitch & Pulse activities develop a musical vocabulary.  A rich musical vocabulary begins with an experiential knowledge of the words that help us describe music and express ourselves musically.
  • Pitch & Pulse and School of Rock activities provide ensemble experience.  From playing egg shakers together in our Year I class, playing guitar, bass or drums in a band, to playing the violin in an orchestra, making music together in a group is one of the greatest joys of music.
  • Pitch & Pulse activities inspire a lifelong love of music.  When you plant the seeds at a young age, a love of music will bloom and grow throughout a lifetime.  A deep love for music is one of the most important contributors to a child’s success in music lessons… and in life.

Longford School of Rock is a community-based music education organisation in Co. Longford, founded to encourage, support and facilitate young musicians work towards music performance. 

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