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Pitch & Pulse: 123

Pitch & Pulse Choirs – School of Rock

Pitch & Pulse Performance – Musical Theatre

Pitch & Pulse – preparing for and reinforcing Music Lessons:

  • Pitch & Pulse activities develop the ability to keep a steady beat.  Steady beat is fundamental to music and absolutely essential for playing an instrument.
  • Pitch & Pulse activities reinforce music patterning.  Learning to recognize patterns in music is vital to playing an instrument with musicality and with understanding.
  • Pitch & Pulse activities introduce musical notation.  Without an understanding of music symbols, there can be no music reading.
  • Pitch & Pulse activities develop a musical vocabulary.  A rich musical vocabulary begins with an experiential knowledge of the words that help us describe music and express ourselves musically.
  • Pitch & Pulse and School of Rock activities provide ensemble experience.  From playing egg shakers together in our Year I class, playing guitar, bass or drums in a band, to playing the violin in an orchestra, making music together in a group is one of the greatest joys of music.
  • Pitch & Pulse activities inspire a lifelong love of music.  When you plant the seeds at a young age, a love of music will bloom and grow throughout a lifetime.  A deep love for music is one of the most important contributors to a child’s success in music lessons… and in life.