Baby 123


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Pitch & Pulse:  Baby 123

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Classes in Longford Library for babies upwards led by Jemma and Joanna with singing, movement, stories and dancing.

Why Early Years Music?

Early Years music and movement for children and parents/guardians – coming together and having a great time learning and moving to music, listening to stories and playing musical instruments.

Bond with your child as you play, sing (no talent required!), dance, and giggle together. Your child will learn and grow through activities that stimulate brain growth, build motor skills, enhance social-emotional development, and much more.

Moving from one activity to the next and helps you understand what your child is learning, adults can then continue the fun—and the learning—beyond the classroom at home.

Enriching children’s musical environment develops a lifelong love of music and a foundation for learning.   Following on from Early Years music classes any child will be able to focus for longer and more receptive to ongoing music lessons, such as piano lessons.

Ardagh Music Room uses the Kodály concept and Colourstrings influence throughout it’s music lessons in preparation for piano tuition uses the Dog and Bird method which facilitates early learning of notation and keyboard skills.


Preparing a Child for Formal Music Lessons

  • Early Years Music develops the ability to keep a steady beat.  Steady beat is fundamental to music and absolutely essential for playing an instrument.
  • Early Years Music reinforces music patterning.  Learning to recognize patterns in music is vital to playing an instrument with musicality and with understanding.
  • Early Years Music teaches musical notation.  Without an understanding of music symbols, there can be no music reading.
  • Early Years Music develops a musical vocabulary.  A rich musical vocabulary begins with an experiential knowledge of the words that help us describe music and express ourselves musically.
  • Early Years Music provides ensemble experience.  From playing egg shakers together in our Baby Class to playing the violin in an orchestra, making music together in a group is one of the greatest joys of music.
  • Early Years Music inspires a lifelong love of music.  When you plant the seeds at such a young age, a love of music will bloom and grow throughout a lifetime.  A deep love for music is one of the most important contributors to a child’s success in music lessons… and in life.

If you have any queries or would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact

Ardagh Music Room – Mobile:  086 237 2616