School of Rock 2018/19!!

24 March, Backstage Theatre, Longford saw the amazing performance of Pitch & Pulse first year of STARS!!

The Pitch & Pulse – School of Rock Gang!

This little group have met weekly since September, learning about rhythm, pulse and sound through songs and games. Having fun with percussion instruments and ukuleles, clapping songs and dances brought the group together singing pop songs and classics.

In the final concert they sang, Starman – David Bowie, Three Little Bird – Bob Marley, Ompapa from Oliver and I’ll be there for you by The Rembrandts. Then they joined the rest of the Junior School of Rock for the final number We will Rock you!

This new project, working in the Junior School of Rock gave me the great experience of working with the very talented singer/songwriter Jemma Cowan. Through the Winter Term the group sang mash-ups and canon songs learning to keep their part going whilst listening to the other parts. They learnt the difference between rhythm and pulse using rhymes and songs. At Christmas they put on a short review for their parents, giving tasters of the upcoming year end concert as well as plenty of audience participation songs!

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