As online lessons become the norm, I commandered tripods and tablets to ensure my students had an all round experience of the piano lesson. Initially I had no web-cam as every person in the world had ordered one on the same day, luckily we had the technology and Ardagh Music Room has welcomed the transition.

As part of my service and to encourage children to play whilst stuck at home, I offered a free of charge Supervised Practise session. I am online every morning from 9-9:50 when students can log in and do their practise with me there to answer any queries or help them with anything, or just make sure they actually play the piano every day! Although initial take up was slow, it has caught on with the majority of students logging on daily and the difference it has made to everyone’s playing is amazing.

Many faces of online teaching…

Parents have also commented that it has formed a key part of the daily routine – so disrupted by home-schooling, social distance and such limited movement. In fact, one school added my morning practise into their students school day!

The other benefit I experienced from online lessons was seeing what students were playing on and how they practise. As a result the first couple of weeks saw a flurry of messages regarding piano/keyboard height, seat height and arm and wrist position. All of a sudden it becomes clear why certain hand positions persist, despite weekly reminders and so instruction can become more specific and relevant.

Over the 5 months so far we’ve had all sorts of visitors to our sessions, cats, dogs, chicks and of course the family lamb!

So, for me, I think occasional online lessons will remain – they might not be for everyone but we can cut-down on the dedicated Mums, Dads, Minders and siblings sitting in the car for hours waiting for a lesson to end making it all a lot more accessible!

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