Christmas Concert – 2017

Tashinny Church – 2017

The number of students performing in the Ardagh Music Room’s Christmas Concert 2017 was such that my small music room did not have the space to accommodate all the pianists and their families so I had to look for somewhere different – with a piano! Tashinny church is cosy and comfortable and has a very nice clavinova piano, the congregation were happy for me to use the church one evening just before Christmas and we were lucky enough to have the concert whilst all the Christmas decorations were adorning the inside.

There had been 5 students sitting exams, all eager to play us their polished pieces together with Christmas carols and well known seasonal songs, including Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer all of which rang out through the church that evening.  Everyone performed their pieces in front of a very appreciative audience and as a surprise addition to the evening Peter Regan gave the children a very informative and interesting presentation on all the opportunities available to them if they continue with the piano – reminding them all that to achieve anything they have to put in lots of practice!

The evening finished with plenty of chat, tea, scones and chocolate – a successful end to 2017.

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