🎄Virtual Christmas 2020🎄

The end of the Winter term would normally see Ardagh Music Room Christmas Concert, and students performing a selection of Christmas tunes and pieces they’ve been working on throughout the year. The events of 2020 were not going to stop this annual occasion taking place in some format and so on the evening of 20th December families joined together online to share a Virtual Christmas Concert. All the pianists submitted a short video of themselves playing their own choice of pieces and with thanks to Kaj Klimski for editing and creating an evening’s entertainment for all of Ardagh Music Room’s families.  Bonuses of the online event were that not only did everyone get to play, but extended family were able to experience the concert, with Grandparents and relatives tuning in from all over Ireland – and further!

It was a lovely way to close the year and whilst we weren’t able to make it in person, seeing everyone together attending the concert recognising the efforts made by all the students throughout the year, this concluding celebration was extremely rewarding.  Thanks to all the parents and students for their ongoing support and let’s hope 2021 brings continued success and dedicated enthusiasm for the piano!

Thanks to the Longford Leader for the article!

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